Just look at my multimedia speakers!  Correction, don’t even glance at it!  Yes, it is cheap to buy but not really good speakers, they have very serious limitations.  They are too set in treble, sounding like steel. The bass below 120 hz is almost nonexistent...NEVERMIND! 

Not comparable to this speaker which I am about to beg and wish for to Unbox, Saint Nicholas and Genie of the Speakers (just to make sure I’d get one).

Let’s get ready to rrrummmbleee!!!!  Introducing:   The Manny Pacquiao in electronics,  Pound for Pound Champion (loudest speaker category and best bass response division) - DIVOOM DIVO!

With an impressive output in wattage, this stuff is simply small but terrible.  I cannot wait to plug it in to start rockin'!  It’s that simple.  ALL of the music that I will play, like Tears For Fears, Bass 305, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, etc. will come through CRYSTAL clear and so loud the neighbors will start pounding on my door.  The guitars, drums, vocals and bass, will all hold a concierto in my mind while thumping in my chest.

For the price, this one little speaker will provide totally realistic sound reproduction without ANY buzz or static sounds.  Unbelievable.  Gotta go and check my doorstep now if the courier had left my shipped package Divo from Unbox =)

Photo courtesy of http://www.unbox.ph
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