Get a chance to win Php10,000 worth of Shell Quality fuel and an all-expense paid trip to Sepang, Malaysia
We are looking for applications from anyone wanting to start saving fuel and money right away. It could be someone who drives hundreds of kilometers to visit a loved one or perhaps a parent who spends many hours driving their child to school or dance practice. It could even be a person who simply wants help in order to reduce their monthly fuel bill.

Ten finalists will win P10, 000 worth of fuel each and will participate in a one-day Fuel Economy Boot Camp to be facilitated by a Shell Expert. Among the ten, we will select the four most deserving drivers who will fly to an all-expense paid trip to Sepang, Malaysia in July to further enhance their fuel economy.

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Nominate yourself or your friend now and start saving more fuel on the road, more often.

Soon i will turn over my crown to the new winner.

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