If you have never flown a nice RC heli before, you might require to practice a bit although the S107 is suprisingly stable & smooth flying. The box says 14 years but basically, anyone could control this helicopter. It might be your second or third flight before you get the hang of it. It goes anywhere at a balanced speed & that makes it nice for indoor flight. It is well-balanced & the trim button on the controller is not needed because it does not spin out of control.

Syma helicopters & it’s blades are VERY long lasting since they are made of metal & hard plastic. They can be charged with either the remote controller or through your computer’s USB port which is much better than wasting the charge of the 6 AA batteries on your controller. The gyroscope makes it laughably simple to control & it plain works. Use it either indoor or outdoor, it will still go whereever you point it. Helicopters are very long lasting even if it's crashed several times. Only complaint with them is that the flight time is only around 6 minutes. Still, it is awesome, amazing & is a fun thing to play with & the feeling of exhilaration endures even after lots of flights.  Heartily recommend this heli.