Sun Life  is a leading international financial services company,  providing financial planning, life and health insurance, investments and more, along with their excellent plan  offer - giving us options with guaranteed returns.

 There are numerous products and services that Sun Life offers.  I have to congratulate you for being the best financial institution, providing us with the means to make it happen.  

True to common belief, our jobs are among the worst paying.  In Philippines, with employees earning only a small fraction of what their peers in other countries earn, Sun Life comes into picture to provide and deliver real-time offers in every channel to improve career, revenue and quality of living.

So what is the grade that we give to Sun Life?  “The best financial services company to work for”!  They value human resource as they open doors to career enhancements and the chance to explore various facets within the organization.  Check out the full ranking of the best places to work, you will end up looking for Sun Life which offers the best career for you as an individual and at the same time, when you need to find the best financial services for yourself...