These pans are indestructible with simple care instructions. No messing around with seasoning a brand spanking new pan, use them in the oven or stovetop. By keeping it seasoned properly, food won't stick. Avoid sticking issues also by recalling to permit the pan to get hot before applying oil or food. With regards to seasoning, Logic line now comes preseasoned, but do not make a giant deal about this. Seasoning a forged iron skillet is basically coating it lightly with oil then baking it for a half hour or so. Forged iron is great because it does not basically scrap like stainless steel and aluminum pots and no melted handles or scorched bottoms to mess with. It's clear instructions also to reseason ought to the necessity occur. Given the cost these pans sell, there is no excuse to not have inside your kitchen, thus, it will soon become your favourite.