I was skeptical at first when I got hold of "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo-co-author, husband, father and minister, serves as narrator.  I guess it might just be the real thing after an hour of reading, then I said to myself that this book was really worth my time.  "Heaven is for Real" is a surprising biblical glance of a 4 year old boy's journey to Heaven.  Colton Burpo's honest tale gives us also a picture of what it is to be in Heaven.  The story has a sense of humility and some revelations by him were simply amazing (one which makes the reader contemplate about mystery).

Anyone would definitely be interested with this book especially if you encountered feeling down (like losing someone physically), or let’s say, if you’re in the brink of depression.   You will find a piece of hope here and a bit of a pain-killer.  Thanks to the sweet and touching stories offered by this book.

So now it’s up to you to pick up a copy of this book which for me tells about love of parents for their children, Christianity in times of crisis, and the mysterious grace of God.