"Firefly" is  a show that came from Fox's usual brilliant decision-making.  I first thought this show would be awful, but as I sat down to watch it-I’m in love. It’s about a character study of 9 individual people on board "Serenity" who aren't rich and famous, and they all have pasts which they are not comfortable to talk about.  They live in a war aftermath (wherein 6 years had passed) and not all of them were on the same side and still they find themselves still trapped psychologically in it. 

They have doubts, pains, other concerns and more importantly, every action reveals the characters and who they are turning into.  As expected with the story plot, these people can surprise you.  It's truly hard to find a show that can be so serious on one side then make you burst with laughter on the other end, with their every episode.

Firefly is about maturity and the choices you have to make besides it.  It's not like any other show you've ever seen before and this show will introduce you to people and places that will enrich your mind and change how you think about the world.  The writing:   Extraordinary, and the character actors:  A gold mine!  It’s like watching a movie every time.