I want to experience this special festival In Camiguin called the Lanzones Festival to experience a real journey, and get my hands (or should I say stomach?) on unlimited Lanzones fruits!   I don't have much time for myself and I can only afford to go to Camarin (not Camiguin), Caloocan on Saturdays, so I would really want to experience this colorful and fun festival.  I’m so interested to go!  I’ll make a note of what to do on the festival like what souvenir to choose. 

I want to experience a Lanzones Festival before I die. But yes, I know I have to win this blog contest first, work hard to deserve that delightful success. But if so few people want me to experience this because of them joining then sharing their best blog stories in Airphil Express’ PICK-A-FEST!, then I will just have to live the fact then learn about the Lanzones Festival through travel photographs and sheer imagination of the destination while improving my knowledge.
image courtesy of Byahilo.com
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