This stick vacuum is compact and lightweight with an appealing color and design!  It appears to be durably well made with parts fitting perfectly together, showing that Electrolux put serious time on developing it. It has a convenient base station and emptying the debris is a total breeze, having a feature that helps you rid the filter of dust without soiling your hands since it snaps easily in and out.
     This awesome stick vacuum will clean every square foot of your house in a single charge, even on hardwood floors! The weight on it is actually perfect, it's compact and good for apartments or for use in areas of a large home with a veranda, foyer, pet areas, etc.  It is also sturdy, but not at all cumbersome or heavy. 
     Frankly, it is adorable and you will LOVE the black color - very dominant when you are doing masculine work like vacuuming.  Use it often and never run out of power, thanks to it’s good charging. It's awesome for everyday use to clean up little messes and dusty areas here and there.   You won’t get disappointed with the performance and should definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a maneuverable, sleek and easy-to-use vacuum for light-duty cleaning or heavy vacuuming.  It does a good job cleaning up the stairs, for getting into corners and picking up along the edges on the wall, etc. Stronger suction, can let you suck up bigger items. 


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