Anywhere Philippines is a group of travel enthusiasts that primarily organizes trips for active and adventurous people. Join their week-end trips or customized trips. Solo traveller and barkada trippers welcome! For inquiries and reservations, kindly contact them! email: hotline: +63.917.518.TRIP (8747) landline: +63.622.4147 facebook fanpage:                                   Now, I want to spend a month in El Nido!  I will not go to their wifi locations and I will even leave home my internet-capable gadgets so I could simply enjoy the pristine place while I sip on my cheap alcoholic drink of Vino Kulafu.  El Nido is definitely one of the best places to visit in Palawan region, I haven’t been there and I think people, including Paris Hilton, would go to El Nido so they could see me soak in the sun (in this rainy season=).   I would meet up the pretty, hot and tempting (phat) representative from Anywhere Philippines at the NAIA airport and ask her how much money did she brought coz’ as I’ve said earlier I would stay there for about a month (correction:  “WE” or the two of us would stay there for about a month), then go to a very secluded place just away from it all that’s best suited for us both.  A lot of people, especially most of my friends will beg to go to El Nido with me but I’ll give them the reason that “the travel cost is too high”.  They have nothing worry about since I’ll be sending them postcards at home anyway.  By the way, I saw some cool shots (ex: jump shot while lying in bed) in a popular social network (starting with the letter “f”) --- friendster, which I wanna replicate because it would really be cool to store it in my profile friendster =)))

Sleeping jump shot photo of a crazy guy in "friendster" which I wanna replicate when I'm in El Nido.  The photo cannot be copied however and one should ask permission first from yours truly. (now, that's a clue=)