This is the best rum out there.  I just returned from Boracay and upon reaching home, I already bought  bottles of the 2 flavors (Coconut & Cappuccino) of Boracay Rum at the local grocery store.  These were by far the BEST when I first tried it.  I LOVE this rum drink! 

I had first tasted this drink while I was at Summer Place in Station 2 Bora just this April.  In fact, I tried a lot of the free samples they had available.  I have wanted to order bottles of these drinks, but I remember my sister’s advice that I might have a problem at airport in dealing with officers upon bringing the liquor back to Manila. Thank God I was able to talk with Boracay Rum representatives and they said that it was readily available in major stores. 

Boracay Rum drink will not dissapoint you, the drinker.  I guarantee that it is moist and delicious, and the rum is not overpowering.  By drinking this, you will feel that you are always on a nice holiday treat.  By the way, I'll let you in on a secret...upon drinking this love potion or "gayuma", you would instantly become Mr. Romantico and a "chick-magnet" like me.  See me score a million points with my above photo?

On the artistic end, I believe I can bring Bora Rum over to my pastry seminar class which I will enroll at then use it as 1 of the major ingredients, to be able to produce my own pastry line of fine baked products and mixed concoctions which I am pretty sure would all be hit products and bestsellers.  Allow me to introduce Chef Don's Masterpiece Collection composed of Original Boracay Rum Cake, Boracay Butter Rum Hard Candy, Boracay Rum Cream Gourmet Coffee,  Coconut Boracay Rum Tropical Green Tea, Boracay Rum with Pecan Crunch Topping, and his very own personal favorite - Boracay Cinnamon Rum Raisin Cake!


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